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Syndarin. Verb. Enter! (lit. to the inside!)

Welcome! Minno Suite is a free platform for running behaviour studies online. It was carefuly crafted by social scientists for social scientists with an emphasis on usability and flexibility.

Time sensitive tasks

MinnoJS excels at running complex time-sensitive tasks.

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Easily create questionnaires with full control over content randomization and interactivity.

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Minno server

Manage study creation, data logging, multiple users and collaboration and much much more.

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Minno-time allows you to create rich and flexible time sensitive tasks. It is fast, accurate, and extremely flexible. Following is an implementation of the Race IAT (Nosek, Greenwald, & Banaji, 2005). Read more

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Minno-quest is the questionnaire creator within the minno-suite. It gives you the power to easily compose questionnaires, using a variety of built-in question types, all while keeping the highly dynamic control provided by MinnoJS. Following is simple implementation of the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (Rosenberg, 1965). Read more

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